Your Body Is a Canvas

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am addicted to making skeletal paintings. I have been skeletal painting free for 0 days. … I might have a problem here.

I love them and I know I don’t need so many. Especially since they all look similar since they are all the same topic, but I can’t seem to help myself!!!

I think I am projecting. More and more lately I have been thinking about getting tattoos. The one that I really really want is a spine tattoo going down my spine. However, that is a BIG tattoo to get and thus I have not gotten it yet. Thus why I think I am projecting. If I can’t put it on my skin I will put it on a canvas. Over and over again it seems. I just need to take the tattoo plunge. There is no going back though and I think I might end up in a full body tattoo. Not really, but honestly it’s a possibility.

Even though I have two other canvases that have a spine in them, they are not the primary focus. One is the rib cage and the other is more the skull/neck. I kind of went all in this round and painted three. One is just a different view from the two I just mentioned and the other two are just straight up spines. One light and one dark. I have a combination of these ideas since I waver between only liking the idea of a spine tattoo to liking if I also had tattoos of ribs following my ribcage around to the side, so that the tattoo would actually take up most of my back. I wouldn’t be able to see a tattoo on my back, thus these give me more of a visual to what it could look like and what combinations look good to me.


Spine1 Spine2

My hallway is officially full. I need to move one. I will move on. I am working on moving on!!!! Someone help me…


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