What Once Was

Now Is.

I was (still kind of am) debating about moving. Then I actually looked around my apartment and realized I have a TON of stuff. When you have a fully furnished apartment, that does happen I guess. At least my place hasn’t started looking like hoarders or anything, so that is a plus. Because of this I decided to spring clean and declutter. My knick knacks, clothes, art supplies, and anything else I REALLY didn’t need or feel THAT attached to.

This started they way all decluttering starts. Or at least what I think they start like. I took all the knick knacks and accent pieces I had off my bookshelves, desk, and tables and decided what I could part with. Which was most of it. I liked the clean lines that my bookcases now had. Next was all drawers and those square storage units that are popular. Two trips to Goodwill and some organizing later and things were looking up. With the ground level items clear, my eyes looked up. My walls are covered with paintings. Which I love. People seems to like them when they see them as well. I am proud of the look at my apartment. Things change though, we grow and the things we value and like change.

I ended up taking down 7 paintings and brought out 8 that I didn’t have displayed. Most of these I am going to sell or give away, haven’t decided, but a few I decided to change. To make new. To edit. With this line of thinking I couldn’t help look at the remaining paintings and what I wouldn’t add to them. Not change completely. More in addition to. Such as…

Before:   After:

I always wanted to put skeletal hands on this but once I put it up I never took it down. Also I moved from canvases towards saws. Different subject matter. Hard to go back and forth, as least for me. The other two I COMPLETELY changed. Easiest way was to make them completely black backgrounds. You could still see some of the ridges from the original design, but not enough to make it noticeable. Someone who didn’t know that I had repainted these shouldn’t notice these things at a glance if I can’t and I know what was behind them. Hopefully.

Before  After:

Voodoo dolls. I love them. Dark subject matter, shouldn’t be shocking to you in any way though. Plus I saw a ton in New Orleans earlier this year. I wanted more of my black and gold/tan paintings that I put up around Halloween, with my Anubis and Oujia Board. Not that they HAVE to go up only at that time. That was just the thought. When I showed my friend this she thought it was one of the above paintings that I talked about selling. Understandable mistake. Instead I just made her one too, Just personalized with her passport stamps.

Final change… not sure what it will be. I have a few ideas. Medusa, Cerberus, Lady Justice and her scales, or something Egyptian. Still pondering. Will get back to you.

Before:      After: ?


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