We Solemnly Swear

Had to take a break from the saws for a quick side project. My friend is getting married and wanted a Harry Potter themed party for the girls, but her sister who was hosting has NEVER seen Harry Potter. I know right? For my generation this seems impossible. Not so apparently because I have found a handful of others who have never read or seen Harry Potter. Still is baffling though. Anyways, I was asked to help with some decorations. Luckily I had helped a friend move recently and kept some of the cardboard boxes. I had in mind making boxes to ship or store my handsaws, but I could spare some for a friend.

I wasn’t sure what the place we were going to was going to look like so I didn’t want to do anything too bulky. Some wands, some picture booth cutouts like you see a lot at weddings, and maybe something else? Books maybe? If I can find the material needed.

WANDS: Now I wanted it too look good, but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it. You can buy long bamboo skewers or chopsticks that are the perfect length for the wands. However, those cost some and would have to be shipped. Instead I tried out what regular chopsticks that you would get at Happy China, China Star, Leeann Chins, Panda Express, etc would look like. They are short and the ends are square verse pointed, but they worked out well I think. This project cost me some Chinese lunch with friends and taking home everyone’s chopsticks (none used of course). The other items needed were hot glue, paint, and anything handy to make the shapes wanted.

CUTOUTS: This wasn’t too hard. There are a lot of DIY pictures of people making these and luckily there are many standout and iconic items and images from Harry Potter to make. Golden Snitch, House colors, Butter beer, Harry’s glasses, Pollyjuice Potion, etc. Using the cardboard from moving my friend, paint I already had, glue gun I owned, and just had to buy wood skewers as the handles.

OTHER: Cardboard boxes come in long rectangular sides making it easy to make a Hogwarts Express platform sign. Simple cutting along the folds and some paint. The other bigger project I saw was the wanted newspaper for Sirius Black when he escaped Azkban.

All in all I think it looks great!


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