Varying Lengths

I have noticed that when I decorate for holidays I pretty much only decorate my dining room and living room. Occasionally my deck. In my apartment the kitchen is all cabinets and appliances, not too much room for decorating. Plus you have to move it when you cook, gets splashed on while cooking, or just nowhere to put it. Currently, I only have an elf outfit that goes over a wine bottle that I use in my kitchen. I have no idea where it originally came from, just that I got it on a wine bottle for a Secret Santa gift.

Red in my main color OBVIOUSLY so Christmas holiday decorations are easy in all my rooms EXCEPT my bathroom, which is blue and purple. I have no idea how to decorate that. The closest I have come this year is seeing a purple poinsettia which I could do a white one next to it and a green one, to make it more seasonal. Plants don’t always do so hot with me though…

Last room is my bedroom. Again never decorate here and I don’t know why. This year however, I was given an opportunity to do SOMETHING in there. When my sister and her husband moved to their new place they had some extra Christmas decorations that they would not need with their new layout. I was lucky enough to have them offer me them if I wanted. They were silver and would fit with my colors so of course I said yes. Why wouldn’t you? It was one of those big boxes of 40ish Christmas ball ornaments that were a mix of shiny, matted, and glittery. That is a spendy box. That I got for free. Always good.

After all of my normal decorations were up, that of course I put in the same places every year (I might have a panic attack the year I have to decide a new placement for them), I was left with the box my sister gave me. My first thought was to hang them from my dining room light at different heights. The fan aspect of the light caused a little bit of a conundrum of it working. Since I didn’t have much space to put them up in my bathroom area that left me with my bedroom.

I looked around my apartment for odds and ends, leftover Christmas decorations, and pretty much anything that could help inspire what to do with these balls! I ended up with a shower curtain rod, string, 3M hooks, tinsel strand, and the ornaments. I have been working on making a headboard for my bed so my pillows won’t run away from me at night. It is not completed yet so that whole wall behind my bed is open. There is my placement.


AND DONE!!! All of my apartment has some festive cheer.


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