Two by Two, Four by Four

This has three projects total.

Earlier this summer I was asked to make a wood sign for a friend’s lake cabin, a Harley sign for another friend’s boyfriend, and an American Flag on an old barn door. All three in which I completed and quiet well I think.

This was the more complicated one seeing that I had to build it and paint it. The image that my friend sent me was white and orange with a drinking quote on it. Instead of going orange, we went blue. With some liberties I made it more wood like, seeing that it was a wood sign. But first, I needed to build that sign. Luckily my dad had plenty of outdoor treated wood from rebuilding their deck for me to pillage through and a woodshop ready to be used.



Now to paint. I painted the wood white and blue randomly along the edges and streaks across. Once dry I sanded it so that some of the wood showed back through.


Time to finish the words… and maybe a drink.


This one was the easiest, or so I thought at first. I measured out the wood to make sure I would have enough stripes, drew out the lines, and painted in the red, white, and blue using masking tape.


Now the part that I did not think would be hard, that actually kind of was, was the spacing of the stars. My first try did not go so well. The stars were centered, but were not spread out wide enough, so there was a four inch blue section on the sides. Didn’t look right. A little nail polish remover, another blue coat of paint, and I was ready to try again. This time I got it right and it turned out well.

Since it was an old barn door and had some of the original paint still on it, it wasn’t a smooth cover up. So I put some tape over my new paint and ripped it off! Making a more weathered and worn look.


One left….


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