Trips to the Lumberyard

A few things have changed around my apartment lately causing me to pick up and move my painting supplies all around my apt a few times a week. I have a closable tub for my paints, a glass for washing, container for brushes, pencils, and sponges, and a few more things. After moving all of these around a few times I finally decided that I have out grown my current paints tub. However, I could not find an organizer that would work for all my stuff. I looked into boxes as well, but was worried that the wood used in such decorative boxes would not be strong enough when nailing in dividers. Because I was for sure going to need some dividers. My last resort was to build something custom. Which I was not against.

Since I was going to the lumber yard anyways I decided to finish another project as well. A shelving unit for my apothecary bottles I made. Because it is the Halloween season I had recently taken them out for decorations, thus reminding me that I still needed to figure out how to display them. Two birds, one stone.

I sketched out and measured what I needed. Four 4’ boards and one 3’ board should be enough. The problem was how to cut the boards once I bought them. This is something I would normally do at home in my father’s woodshop. Wouldn’t take much time at all. Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on going home anytime soon.

What to do? What to do? It’s not like I was going to drive home just to cut the boards, the stores don’t cut the boards down to your sizes for you, and I live in an apartment with no wood shop. Then the funniest thing happened, I was talking to my mother and she reminded me of all of these HANDSAWS I had been painting lately!!!! Seriously I overlooked the most obvious solution. What a dumby! Only downside was that those saws are not the sharpest.

A little unevenness and some time later and all the wood was cut.

Project 1: Boards at $0.89 and $0.99 and nails at $1.30 and this project would only cost me about $5.

Project 2: Boards on extra discount coast only $1.18 and nails, so less than $3.

Just need to stain them with stuff I already have.


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