Treasure From the Depths

I don’t know if you are like me, but I have tons of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Maybe it’s the fact that I have multiple piercings. Maybe it’s that I like to match them with my outfits. Maybe it’s that I have a shopping problem. Not in a debt problem way, but a ‘Ohh pretty,’ kind of way. No matter the reason, everyone needs somewhere to store them, or in this case display them.

I started this project in my old place, but had it in mind for my new.

I originally had made an earring holder that was a picture frame, without the glass, with burlap wrapped around it. It worked for hanging them, but it took me forever to put them back on it after I wore them. They ended up on my dresser in little piles. Thus my decision to change things up and no longer hang them.


I love this!!! They are organized, can’t roll off the counter, and are displayed like little works of art! Plus each of the little bowls (minus the octopus, which I splurged on at Antropologie since they are my favorite animal) were $1.99. Relatively cheap and easy. I liked the white, smooth edges and mostly curved look of these since they were going in my bathroom area. With my paintings I really think the space came together.


These are actually kitchen bowls, little finger bowls and such for food/eating, but they are too cute for that. However, you could easily use vintage tea cups, candle votives, or any other little cups that you can paint or would go with your theme.


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