To the Bottom, of the Glass

Surprise! I don’t just draw and paint!

It actually shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

I have my bedroom set up and decorated and most of my hall way, now it’s time for my dining room.


I love DIY projects in general and love seeing all of the ones on Pinterest. From there I have seen quite a few wine bottle and vase decoration projects. Mostly my favorites are involving candles.

What my friends, family, and myself do for my projects. I needed bottles! Black, clear or yellow tinted bottles to be exact. So I asked my fellow wine drinks to raise their glasses and drink that wine until they hit the bottom of the bottle! And may I say, they did good! A little too good I think. I had more bottles than I needed.

My idea: A center piece of wine bottles of different sizes, shapes, and colors used as holders for long stem candles.

What I like about this is that I can add, move, and pretty much change the design whenever I have the whim.

Here is my current arrangement.

newphone pics 347

newphone pics 352

This project came in handy when there was a horrible snow storm this last winter and my power went out for 12 or so hours. What do guys do when the power goes out? I doubt they have a bunch of candles lying around. Flash lights most likely but 1 flash light isn’t going to light up the whole place.

P.S. The title is a ‘Lost Girl’ reference, for my fellow fans. Love me some Kenzi!


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