Those Once Lost

There are so many thoughts on the afterlife. The worship of Gods throughout history, reincarnation, mummification, crypts, cremation, burning boats, rituals, sacrifices, ghosts, angels and demons, heaven and hell, the inbetween, being cryogenically frozen for the future. Do you believe in afterlife? That our loved ones are looking down (or up 😉 ) at us and watching? Or that when we die our spirit leaves and our bodies just rot in the ground? That we get this one shot at life or that we can still linger after our bodies have gone? How or more like why, did people start the traditions of sending their loved ones out on a boat and then setting it on fire? Or removing their organs into jars and then wrapping their bodies in cloth and spices? The evolution of “a wake” over time. When it was the time of watching over the body, waiting for them to ring the bell to see if they were actually dead or accidently presumed. That our sins get judged at the gate. That karma affects what type of life you will have next.

You hear stories of donation where the recipient all of a sudden craves something they normally didn’t like, but the donor did. Do the things we like and love affect every cell in our body, not just the ones it’s associated with? Can people really live on like that? Is technology going to catch up so that we one day will live forever?

Life only has meaning if there is death. Knowing that there is an end makes everything worth it, important, meaningful. So, what happens after death? When what makes us, us, is gone? The twinkle in our eye, sound of our voice, how we talk, how we moved, our memories. Those are what make us, not the body we are in, so what happens when the body is gone? What happens to our spirit? If we have a spirit that is.

Sorry for getting all morbid. Kinda. Researching Anubis definitely took me down that afterlife road, but this isn’t the first time I have gone down this train of thought. But it did lead me to an Ouija board.

Before this I never had truly looked at what was depicted on the corners of the board. I have only used one once and nothing really happened. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance it could truly work.


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