The One That Got Thru

I saw this hilarious game on Pinterest for baby showers and had to do it, despite my mom and sister saying no. They thought it was funny, but didn’t think the grandmas would like it. Well no offense grandmas, this is too good to not do, so we will just direct you straight into the house. No need to see the lawn games.


Is that not great? If you don’t think so, then you might be reading the wrong blog.

Normally when you click on the picture in Pinterest it takes you to the blog or website that explains how it’s made. In this case it take you to a creamy food dish recipe. Not helpful. So I am winging it.

Design on a Dime; Dollar Store Finds:
– 8 bags of dry beans
– 8 Stingray stuffed animals (kids section)
Also needed:
– Scissors
– Needle & Thread

1. Take the Stingrays and cut the fins off, leaving what almost looks exactly like the sperm in the picture. It must have been fate! This is too perfect to be anything else!

2. Then cut a hole on the underside of the body close to the tail. Pull out all of the stuffing.
3. Pour beans into the now empty body. An average Bean Bag for “Corn Hole” games are 14-16 oz in weight. These fit about 14 oz.
4. Once full sew the hole closed.

This is not super thick material so they might break open. I threw them around a bit and I didn’t break any, but that doesn’t mean they can’t.

IMG_0102 IMG_0101 IMG_0103

Add pink and blue bows to tell the teams apart or if the gender is unknown make it a competition/game to guess the gender.

Time to play!!


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