The Ice Was Thin

Minnesota is known for its lakes and around where I live it is definitely no different. There is at least five within a mile of me. I bring this up because this saw was inspired by a scene I saw when driving from my place to the store. This winter it has snowed and froze then warmed up, was -10 one week then 40 another. Over and over a handful of times. The landscape would go from all white and icy to partially melted and sunny. Anyways, on this drive the snow on the trees had begun to melt to show their green and brown, the shrubbery was uncovered, and the ice on the lakes started to melt to expose open water. The animals were taking advantage of the weather, geese were flying into and from the water in flocks. This is the scene I saw and decided I wanted to paint. I wish I could have taken a photo, but it was a busier road and did not have much room to pull over and stop. The warm weather didn’t last to go back. Was going to have to do this by memory.

The Plan: 

The trees created the most problems for me. I wasn’t sure what angle they would be from the view point I was painting. I could go back to the road and look at the trees, however, I can’t go down on the ice for an exact perspective. Pine trees, deciduous trees, and shrubs around the lake edge made this winter scene harder and more time consuming to paint. More than a few times I had to come back to this one because there was just something off about it visually. It took a long time looking at it over the months to figure out what it was. It was the colors. Too many and in too many tones.

Fixed and Completed background:


Literally the geese could go anywhere on this saw. Anywhere. In any number. After playing rearrange the geese outlines, the final positions were found. Some on the open water floating around doing goose things. A flock flying to the back hill and a flock flying towards you. Similar to the duck hunting saw I did here. The rest was painting. A night in and some crime drama playing in the background to set the painting mood.

Honk Honk said the goose.


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