Stitched Together Piece By Piece

I definitely have been in a words and not just designs on canvases mood. So I picked a few sayings that I really like and am making them into paintings! I recently acquired two long, thin canvases (same size as my chandelier chain canvas) that just happen to be perfect for this!! Funny how some things just fall in to place with perfect timing.

The first fits amazing with my hallway theme. I have never actually heard this saying until a few months ago when I saw it as someone’s status. Calling it a saying is a little wrong, it is lyrics from a song. Again I didn’t know this until recently. Even so, I love it and find it accurate and very me.


I might actually add something to the right side of this. It would be painted in off white so that you can see that it is there, but just barely. Stay tuned if I end up doing that. I would be going for a haunting look. I think it will look AMAZING.

The second and third are about flaws and scars. I have many scars from previous surgeries and relate to these and find them very fitting.

  Flaws Flaws1

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

(I will add this one soon)

My scars are for life. Events and memories may fade. They say you will get over it and eventually won’t think about it anymore, but scars are constant reminders. What happened and what was done. You may have forgotten what happened. It might be so far in your rear view that it seems like nothing to you. To me it can never be in my rear view. For me I am reminded every day. By simply looking down. There is no changing this. There is only accepting this. You absent mindedly touch them, focus on them, dwell on them, resent them, but they are you now and you should not resent yourself. They are flaws of the flesh, not flaws of your soul. They scar down to your heart, but they do not define it, however they can change it. I hate dislike my scars, but they will always be with me. You see them, even though I don’t want you to. You know something happened, even though I don’t want you to know. There is not keeping it a secret, even though I want it to be. I needed my surgeries. The doctors did what they had to, what I needed. They gave life, but do you think they understood what they were leaving behind? Scars…


Now where to put the paintings….


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