Steam Rolling Off the Water

My father has been working his magic collecting handsaws/people like to randomly drop them off and donate them to him. They don’t always leave their name though. It’s a little odd. I appreciate the donation don’t get me wrong, but I also would like to know who was so thoughtful and went out of their way to drop it off. Any way that he is getting them, I now have a stack of sanded and primed saws waiting to be painted. Props to Pops!

Lets start this post off with what inspired me. (Saw it on Pinterest)

Green and yellow aren’t exactly my colors, so I am not sure what drew my eye to this picture. But drew it, it did. Not going to draw a Heron tho. Maybe deer? We will see when we get there I guess.

Background first. Yellow sky, yellow and green lake, steam rolling in off the water, row of pine trees at the edge of a clearing. So… trees here we come.

Layering on more trees with varying shades of green and continuing on down the blade.

Now for the lake. The sky is of a morning as the sun rises, filling the sky with soft hues of yellow. So light blues, greens, and yellows need to be reflected in the water. Some fog, cattails, and rocky shore to finish it off.

At this point I really like how it has turned out, but with how I painted it the animals are going to be small. No birds or you will barely see them, so deer it is coming out off the woods to head to the lake for a morning drink. .

And Done!!!

Probably the smallest animals I have painted, so a little hard to add too much detail, but over all I really like the look and colors of this saw.


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