Starry Night

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even Facebook, where I saw this image. I don’t remember what the caption was, but I love starry nights (minus the highway).

You have seen the background, the inspiration, and now for the animals.

This one is going to be two deer out on a full moon night (the circle represents the moon). Even though I have done most of the backgrounds I still have a few things I want to add after looking at them for awhile. In this case, the moon. The most time consuming part was painting the trees and the most difficult were painting the stars. With both of those aspects done already the deer should be relatively easy. Especially since I have painted many a deer already.

A deer’s head is still the most challenging of their whole body. So many changes in the fur and if you get the light/white color around the eyes wrong it looks like the reverse of a raccoon. A deer with makeup. A doe ready for Halloween. None of which I am aiming for. I tend to paint all the bodies first and then go back for the antlers and THEN the head.

Hopefully I got the moonlight on the fur right. It’s hard to tell since I don’t see deer at night and if I do it’s on trail cams, which are not accurate for colors and shading.



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