Sizzling Like a Snare

A long time ago I did a lot of looking into black and white pictures that I would be interested in have for myself. I had forgotten about many of them until recently. Needing black paintings on white canvases with maybe a little red on it for my hallway grouping, I figured this was the perfect time to finally make some of those paintings.

Driving home from work at all hours of the day and night I see fields and fields of telephone wire. With owls, eagles, and crows sitting on them. Sunsets, sunrises, spring and fall fields behind them. Old wooden poles and new, large industrial poles. All different in shapes and angles. I had seen a black and white image on the internet of birds on a telephone wire that appealed to me, so I went with that one. I am not sure why I have not painted this one before now. It is soooo simple. It is all straight lines for the telephone pole and wires and then drawing in a few birds. Which mostly is a small circle for the head, a little bigger circle for the body, and then a small stroke of the brush for a beak and a little longer stroke for the tail feathers. Pretty simple. The hardest part is trying to get the lines for the wires to stay straight and the same thickness throughout.

Telephonewire Telephonewire1 Telephonewire2

This is for one of the smaller, rectangle spots on my hallway wall.


*Thank you Lana Del Ray – Summertime Saddness for the title of this blog!!


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