Shed Hunting

I have never gone shed hunting, but really wanted to this year. Last year while out hunting in the fall my dad found a full skull with antlers attached and brought it home. I don’t think my mom was expecting that present. It like cats bringing their trophies of their hunt home to show mom. The skull now has a permanent spot outside where my dad has used it as lawn decoration. Also as a place to hide Easter eggs. Love him!!!

I have a lot of jewelry and wanted a new way of displaying them. If I found the right antlers I was going to paint them the colors I wanted and use them for my rings and bracelets. I never did get out to go shed hunting. The weather was warm and then rainy, then snowy, then hot, then cold, then rainy again. It seems to have stayed with rainy/gloomy for now. However, dad to the recuse, as always. He had a few single and attached antlers he was willing to give me. By attached I mean a part of the skull cap was still present and keeping the antlers as a pair. These were great! Plenty of length so that my rings would all fit! The single ones had less distinguished points, was just in the beginning of separating from the main antler. It wasn’t really going to work with my jewelry display, but would for decorating.


I am trying to figure out a way to attach the antlers so that they keep the “bowl” shape, but with out the bowl there to help. They are tricky antlers.


Simple painters tape and spray paint and it ties the plain antlers to my room. An in between step.



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