Sawing Through the Woods, Off To the Taxidermist’s We Go

I received three handsaws, not circular saws that I have been doing lately, actual wooden handled handsaws, for the taxidermist that bleached the doe skulls I dip painted however long ago. In exchange for him throwing those skulls in for me, I am painting whatever he wants for these. Which ends up being a deer silhouette at sunset and a bear. The third one being my opps saw if I need it. Which is actually very nice since I have never painted a bear before. So I will start with the silhouette one, since I know I can do that and then I will be all happy and ‘Go Me’ and I will be more up for tackling the bear. Maybe even literally. I work out, I could maybe take him.


As always and forever will be, background first. Red, yellow, orange all mixed around and painted on. I’m used to flat surfaces (saws and canvases) and being able to paint straight over without stopping is nice. I never noticed how nice that was. Helpful. Stopping at an upraised handle was different. Painters tape around the wood can only help so much. It’s visually weird, at least to me, when going around the edges makes the brush strokes go different directions. Luckily I was going to put black trees there so it wouldn’t show.


Red overruled all the other colors, so I let it dry and thought about adding more orange, but since I’m going to add yellow for the sun, I was willing to wait to see if the contrast would be enough.

The rest is just black. Drawing the outline and figuring out proportion took up most of the time. It’s harder to show depth when everything is black. The size of the does took the longest.




In retrospect I should have done the sun before the buck. You learn a lot in retrospect. Whatever. I liked the yellow against the red, thus didn’t need to add any orange into the sunset. Painting around the handle was easy, just black this time. Putting leaves on the trees didn’t take long. All that was left was filling in the space left of the buck with some does. I tried a few different groupings, facing different directions, and varying sizes. Erasing pencil marks off paint isn’t “easy” per say, you either cant get it all off, or end up knicking the paint as you try. No fun. But I finally figured out a grouping I liked. Not much left to do after that.



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