Salmon, It’s What’s For Dinner

The day has finally come people! I have FINALLY finished the last saw from my second batch. I made the backgrounds for these saws about two months ago. I got the other saws finished and then hit a rut. I just could not figure out what animals to put on it, then couldn’t find the motivation to actually paint it once I did. The struggle was REAL people!!

In case you forgot this was the background.

It was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook by Tim Laman with a crane or stork in fog covered water with leaves beginning to change colors behind it. I chose this saw because the changing leaves go with the red, cherry wood color of the handle. I never realized it before, but a lot of my backgrounds go along with/match the saw’s handle color. Such as the starry night deer saw that is of a black night sky and has a black handle.

Anywho, here is this saw all painted and just chilling around my apartment. When I started decorating everything for Christmas I had to move it. It came back on my radar and kept nagging me from then on. It finally got its way. You had my attention saw. You had my attention. I got my other painting obligations completed and had been on a productive streak, so now it was time for that misfit saw that got left behind.

After polling family and friends on what animal to put on this saw, the consensus was bears. I didn’t really make a shore to place them on, so they will have to be in the water. Thus, I’m going with bears catching some fish in the river and having a little afternoon snack.

Like my dad and grandpa taught me to fish, this bear is helping it’s cubs to fish. I’m not sure how that looks in the wild exactly, but that is my story for this saw. The fur for the cubs was a little easier to do since they are still in that fluffy, more colorful stage that young animals are in the first few year(s). Similar to fawns or newborn birds. Then they grow up and their fur or hair gets more monotone and it’s a little harder to show distinction. I’m still struggling with their eyes. Acrylic paint doesn’t really show the glossiness of eyes.

And there you go saw, you are finally finished.


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