Road Trip!

Last year my summer and most of the year actually seemed to go by sooooo fast. And what did I have to show for it? Not much. True my apartment was looking more and more finished but I hadn’t done much. So this last summer I was going to get out there and do stuff. Now I know stuff is very vague but it covers everything, trips, tubing, camping, events, all new and exciting opportunities.

I planned two trips, a vacation and visiting friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Then two more trips popped up! One was the destination wedding of one if my best friends from elementary school and the other a sister bonding trip. Four trips, five weddings, and some holidays in there and my spring and summer were fully booked!

Two of the trips were to states that I had never been to and it got me thinking. How many states have I been to?

I have been seeing pictures in all types of media of map projects.

newphone pics 135      newphone pics 144

I liked the idea of a bulletin board with a map of the world on it that I could mark all the places I had been. Luckily for me my mom had a huge bulletin board I could use. It’s a little bigger than I was picturing but free is free, right? With paint pens and paint I already had this was going to cost me nothing! Always a plus!

Time to admit something, I have never been outside the U.S.A., not Mexico or even Canada. So doing a map of the world would be great so that in the future I could add to it, but then the states would be so small that I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Thus, in the end I went with just the states.

newphone pics 002

Maybe I didn’t draw them big enough or the board is too big. I’m not sure, but I need to add to it.

So I’m going to try a wish list of places I want to go on the side and maybe put mementos from the trips on the other side as well?

23 states so far!


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