Rhode Island and B&Bs

Day 5: New Port and Berkshires Area

In my research I didn’t really plan for New Port to be more than grab lunch and drive through on our way to the Berkshires. HOWEVER, it was a lot prettier than I imagined and would have stay the night to see more if I could have.

We ate at The Lobster Shack Market on Long Wharf in New Port and it was good. There were two places, you pick your fresh caught lobster at one and the other would cook it for you. I saw the LARGEST lobster I had ever seen. (You can see the normal, average lobster tail on the right, right behind the big lobster. It was the size of a school lunch tray. So crazy!)

After a little googling on things to do in New Port we decided to drive along Bellevue Ave and see the mansions then go along the coast to Brenton Point State Park to see the lighthouse. The mansions were beautiful and you could tour some, at a cost, and the drive had some amazing views. The light house at the park was no longer there, which was a little disappointing. So we just stopped along the way and got out to take pictures. Some of the best ones I got were from along here.

Once we saw it all we headed to our B&B near Stockbridge for dinner.

KNOWLEDGE TIP: My original plan was to do mostly B&Bs, but since we went during peak leaf season there were 2 night minimums at a lot of places so I had to do a lot of looking and comparing to find places that we could stay and would be interesting. And the Federal House Bed and Breakfast was definitely one of them. For my first B&B experience this place was great!!!!! The owners were so friendly and used to own an antique shop so the house was amazing! They had apps and wine when you got there and coffee and chocolates out when you got back from wherever you went for dinner, and the breakfast the next morning was all homemade and from the farmer’s market. I have never eaten a scone so soft and fresh. I can only say from the room we had, but they were a great size, 4 post soft beds, very comfy.


We didn’t do much for sight seeing here, it was mostly a stop before we started early the next morning for our drive through Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont.


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