Point Me In the Right Direction

Next, the skeletal hand…

So many options for my skeletal hand design. Just the hand, holding something, dropping something, pointing towards something, one hand or two. Within each of those options there is also so many directions or shapes each of the fingers and form. So many ways to incorporate red as well.

Here are a few of the ideas that I came up with:
1. Whole hand with small parts of the radius and ulna that are broken off similar to the clavicle and humorous I have done in my other paintings.
2. Right hand holding a queen chess piece (with pointer and thumb) as if it was just about to place it down on the chess board. Red could be added in a black/red lace design on the chess piece.
3. Both hands coming together to make the shape of a heart.
4. Hand folded around a white rose in a shape similar to holding a wine glass in a “fancy” way. And the rose would be white with red dripping off/down the pedals. Think Alice painting the roses red in Alice In Wonderland.
5. Hand holding a red apple with a bite taken out of it. Think Snow White and the Seven Dawrfs.
6. A hand with a red rosary wrapped in and around it.
7. Or simply both hands in just interesting positions.



I am still debating which one I want to make. If you want to leave your preference, you know where the comments box is!


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