Plucking Feathers

Well after frustratingly painting all of those feathers for the turkeys, of course my next saw has pheasants and I would have to paint a ton of feathers all over again. Seriously, what was I thinking? I had two saws with backgrounds painted, so why did I pick the pheasants instead of the bear?!?!? But here we go people, feathers part 2.

The Background: Cornfield

The Options:

I had a general idea of the deer in the left behind the fence posts and the two flying pheasants (they are painted in in option 2), but not the arrangement of the birds on the ground in front of the cornstalks. Option 1 has three pheasants, half in front of the corn and half in the open lane, eating corn from the stalks or the ground. Option 2 has two pheasants walking in front of the corn and one standing on the other side of the lane looking back at where the pheasant is flying off.  Putting the cut outs on helps me determine placement and proportions, so I kept rearranging them until I decided what appealed to me most. In this case number two. Number one was too much like my “Corn Stalks and Pheasant Flocks” handsaw from before. They were the same cutouts so that does make sense, but in the end I needed a bigger difference. I like variety more than the convenience.

Game plan is design two, with all the positions figured out now I need to do the main body shading and head colors (which you can some what see I had done in the featured image for this post). Once those are shaded I needed to come back and do the details in the feathers, eyes, and feet. I am doing a female, gold pheasant for a change on this handsaw. A First! I had to look at a lot of pictures to see what its feather patterns were. I have gotten used to the bright colors and traditions of the roosters  so bring on this new challenge.


And all together now!


It was a lot of feathers on a small scale. Some came out better that others, but I cant got back now, I have someone interested in this one and I don’t want to mess up a whole area for one color I’m not 100% in love with, but don’t hate either. I will see if they like it then I will got from there.


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