Paved in Stone

B: Can you make me an art project?
Me: Depends what it is. I would need some kind of idea.
B: Idk… what do you think of when you think me?
Me: Irish, dogs, sports, and laughing.
B: I like Irish and laughing.

From this the idea of an Irish pub with a Celtic greeting (Slàinte) was born. I had an idea in mind, but I always like to ask some questions before I start. To double check what I know and to make sure they haven’t changed their minds about anything. I ask size? If it is rectangular do they want it horizontal or vertical? Colors? And general topic? Enough to narrow it down but leave enough for creativity.

Well I had an idea based on a vertical painting, but when I asked the above questions he wanted horizontal. Not that earth shattering of a change, but I definitely needed to change up my design some. I “playfully” threated to make the whole thing pink if he changed anymore things. Of course I would change things if he wanted, he is after all the one ending up with the painting and I would like him to love it.

To get in the mood to paint this, I think I am going to make sure I am in an Irish mood. Put in Boondock Saints, wear some green, and though I am not a big Corn beef person I am a cabbage person, especially in coleslaw and turkey wraps. Since it is daytime I will refrain from the Irish whiskey, but I might put some empty bottles out for ambiance.

THE PLAN: a brick wall/doorway into an Irish pub. Some personal touches will be his last name in the pubs name, this family’s crest, or maybe something similar to his tattoo. I like adding these little things to make it more personal and one of a kind.

(I just googled his family crest, WOW that is complicated.)

Here we go…

THE IDEA: Brennan

 Brennan1The stone took a bit to get right.

Brennan2 Used paper to sketch out the bricks and get placement and proportions correct.

Brennan3 Bricks and mortar complete, time for the pub sign.

Brennan4 Welcome!!! Now I just have to figure out what to do with the tunnel to the door.


Sorry, got into the whiskey!!!


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