Painting Outside the Lines

When I first started painting I never thought about painting the sides of the canvases. When drawing it’s a flat surface and there are no sides to worry about. Now that it is more 3D I have to think about it. My first canvases I just painted the sides the main color of the painting. Which works when the painting is of an object/words in the center of the canvas.

ex: Anatomy-Pelvis

However, it looks strange when the painting covers the entire front and then just ends at the edge.

side side2

Painting the sides the main color is taking a step in the right direction, but isn’t the best. Actually painting the subject or background to wrap from the front to the sides will look the best. I bring this up because as I have been adding paintings I have been expanding upward and downward to incorporate all of them in the collection. This especially is important for my skeletal collection in my hallway. My recent spine additions are at waist level. When walking past them you see the top edge of the canvas clear as day. Same with my paintings above the head of my bed. When laying in bed and looking up I see the bottom edges and then the front of them. The sides of the canvases matter!!!

 side4 side3

But I have forgotten this lately it seems and I need to get back to it! I remembered to paint the colors onto the sides on this one, but forgot to paint the details. When looking at it, to me, it looks weird that the details just stop at the edges. Same with my bird cage chain (see picture above). I will be going back to fix this!!!


So remember, paint the sides of your canvases!!! You will be looking at them from multiple angles and not just from straight on!


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