Out With the Old, In With the New

Sorry I haven’t been very good at posting anything lately. Between work, family, and MOVING I have been very busy. Not much time to create and once supplies are packed it becomes even harder. Obviously.

My new apartment is about the same size but the walls verse closets are different. New place new arrangements. I really liked my arrangement of paintings above my couch in my last place, but mostly made that because I had all these paintings laying around going to no use on the ground. However, for my new place I didn’t want to put up paintings just to put up paintings. I really wanted to go with a theme or color and stick with it. If you had read “Every Place a Color, Every Color a Place “ then you would know that my last place’s room themes took a curve ball known as a couch. If you get my drift.


Well for… what should I call am apartment? I could just call it that, my apartment, but that’s kind of boring, especially since I just moved apartments. New place, new name. Hmmm… I will think on this.

Anyways, back to whatever point I was making, my living room is no longer going to be a mix of all colors. Its red and black just like my bedroom! All my furniture and pillows already are these colors, now just the accents and walls. Which you should already know. You are smart, so lets skip forward.


One bold accent wall to make the biggest impact.

In my old place when you first walked in there was a wall with most of these, but since here that is a closet I had to rethink a few things. I collected all (well most) of the red, black, white, and silver paintings I had throughout my entire apartment and laid out this arrangement for my new one. So all white blank walls/closet doors then BOOM. Easy impact with zero cost!


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