Oh Cinnamon Sticks

Well the apartment is decorated, tree wrapped in tinsel, and bells on the doors. The only thing left is to make the whole place smell like Christmas. If I had a real tree, which I don’t because it is deemed a fire hazard, my place would smell like pine and that would be good enough I think. Since it does not, I must do it myself, which again, could possibly be a fire hazard. Never know until you try.

This is a simple thing to do, I saw these on Pinterest a while ago. They have some for Halloween and Christmas, but I haven’t seen them for other holidays. It is easy to make and you can keep it on throughout the day if you would like. Though it was pointed out to me that in an apartment where I pay for my utilities, it might increase my bill this month by having the stove on all day. I guess my utilities bill will be a Christmas surprise. We will have to wait to see if it is a good or bad one. Too bad I don’t have an Elf on the Shelf to tell Santa I was good and a lower bill would be appreciated.

I tried two different ones and found I liked the oranges and cranberries combination best.

1. Simmering vanilla, lemon, and fresh rosemary… Via morganmoore.typepad.com

2. Simmering orange peel, cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon sticks… Via http://martysmusings.net

I also saw one that added nutmeg to the orange combination, however, I did not have any to try if this made a big difference or not.

Both worked, I could smell them, especially at first, but then maybe I was just used to it so I couldn’t smell it anymore or as the ingredients broke down a lot I just wasn’t getting as much from them. I could smell them in other rooms, but not a huge amount. It might have been the pot I used or the less then open floor plan that I have. But it does smell good!!


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