Off to See the Queen

After Paris we took the train to London. See Itinerary here, ParisLondon2018. Figuring out were we had to go was a little confusing at first, but that could have been the language difference or since we didn’t come in from the front, but once we knew where to go it was easy to get on and travel this way.

Once in London:
*A single journey on the London Underground in central London (between zones 1 – 2) costs just £2.40 credit. The maximum credit spend limit is just £6.80. Or you can get an Oyster card with cost E5 to get and then you can add money to it. You can return the card to get your E5 back, you do this at the yellow scanners where you added money in the metros.

DAY 1 LONDON: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Shakespeare Theatre, Temple Church, St Paul’s Cathedral, Postman’s Park.

Tower of London: Tickets open at 9:30 and gates at 10. I got there around 9, grabbed a coffee and was the second person in line. Even though the gates opened at 10 they let people in once they got their tickets and went in line. Everyone went straight to the crown jewels to avoid the lines, but I went and did a few of the towers for a half hour or so since no one was there then went to get in line for the crown jewels. I still was able to walk straight up to the door with very little waiting other than the line within the building. By 11:30 there was a huge line, getting there early was the best decision. There are bathrooms and a water fountain by the exit.

Tower Bridge: I just walked by/under it and decided to not go up. Maybe next time. There is a park on the other side to sit and relax for a while or just take in the view.

Borough Market: SOOOOOO good! If I could have had a stayed near here I would have ate lunch here every day!!! Take advantage of the water fountains and free bathrooms before heading out.

On the way there I also walked by The Shard which has restaurants half way up that you get some food and take in the upper views. I might check this out next time. From here I walked along the river by Shakespeare’s Theatre then over to Temple Church which was tucked into a courtyard with a lot of business dressed people. Kind of secluded.

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Beautiful! I went to Eversong which is a choir based “mass” and it was wonderful and I loved it. If you’re willing to go to mass I would suggest this 100%.
Get some food in the area then head to Sky Garden to take in the views especially around sunset.


DAY 2 LONDON: Hyde Park, Churchill Arms, Notting Hill, and Kensington Palace and Gardens.

Hyde Park: I was there during a heat wave so the grass was dead and there wasn’t much to look at. I would skip this.

Churchill Arms: Food was good and the exterior and interiors were great to look at.

Notting Hill: Not much to look at in my opinion so I wish I would have just skipped it.

Kensington Palace and Garden: Lots of information about Diana and Queen Victoria which was actually helpful during my Buckingham Palace tour. Buy your ticket online and go during off peak hours to make it cheaper. You can use your phone for your ticket, even though the website doesn’t say that.

This is the day that I would have changed the most and would have spent the last half of the day in Covent Garden or seeing other museums.

DAY 3 LONDON: Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey

Bring water, a book, and get there early. Stand right next to the gate in the middle, but you will have to stand the whole time. Or go to the top of the stairs of the fountain where you can sit until it starts then you will have to stand up. At the gate you will be up close and a great view. On the stairs you will be able to see over and around to see more of everything going out and great views of the bands marching out to leave.

Head towards Strutton Ground Rd for some food and eat it in the park.

Buckingham Palace: Worth it!! Just no cameras allowed.

Westminister and Big Ben: It was under construction when I was there so I didn’t get all the pictures and tour that I wanted. Will have to go back to do this in the future.

Dinner and drinks out and enjoy your night.


I would have changed more about this trip than my Paris trip. Take an extra day to go out to Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. Less around Kensington Palace and do more tours, museums, and shopping in Covent Garden.


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