O Christmas Table, O Christmas Table

Since I had all of the supplies and plenty of bottles, I made a few more of the wine bottle Santas from my previous post. All summer these, as well as other projects that I have made but don’t know what to do with, have been sitting on a bookcase in my living room. Doing nothing. Now that it is winter I am taking them off that shelf and doing something with them. I have been in a reorganize and throw away mood lately, so I have been really thinking about if keeping so many possible project “supplies” is worth the clutter. I think I might need to take a break from making projects until I get rid of all the ones I still have. I need to do something!!!

Every season I change my dining table, so for winter I was going to use as many of my wine bottle projects as I could to get my bookcase decluttered. The extra Santas I made were ready to go as well as the cord wine bottles I had made over the summer. What I had left were mini wine bottles, other wine bottle projects that I had completed, and other random bottles that didn’t match anything. For the mini wine bottles since they are small (obviously) I made elves that were similar in design to the Santas. I think the size differences are perfect!!! If I made some more I could have the whole Santa’s workshop.

 Elves  Christmas1

Tis the season of camouflage. If they can do it in the woods I can do it for my table. For my random wine bottles that I have not done anything with yet I asked my mom to make these felt Christmas trees she does. They are sewn along the sides and open along the bottle, thus can slide over the top of things.


At her house she puts them on each of the stairs on the way to the 2nd floor. The bottles are sturdy enough that if they fall over they won’t break, are easily put back into place, and don’t have all these little pieces that can be broken or lost. Also you can put anything under them really. We put wine bottles, but really you can stash anything in there. I like that you don’t need to go buy a different decoration for each season. You can make your fall ones into your winter ones. I could take any of my animal print bottles, cord bottles, or storage jars and put the tree over it and done. No fuss no muss. I don’t have to move things and I don’t have to stash away things. Just camouflage them.

I had Santa bottles, elf bottles, cord bottles, trees, tinsel, and some candles. I threw down a table cloth, table runner, arranged my bottles and my table was set.



I still need something for on the plates, something that could be name places or the like. It is not like I have dinner parties or anything (I could, but I don’t), so mostly I do these center pieces for looks. But they are practical. Seasonal and short enough to look over to see people who would be sitting on the other side.


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