New Zealand or Iceland?

I need to make sure my passport hasn’t expired, because I have traveling on my mind.

When I was home for Christmas I saw this large cork board, about the size of a car windshield, tucked behind a couch at my parent’s house. This cork board reminded me of my United States cork board.

When I was making this the first time I decided to just go with the United States map because that is the only place I had traveled and didn’t have any coming up plans to go outside the states. However, I know really want to get my passport stamped and start traveling the world. Never too late to start.

Since I had done this before, it wasn’t too hard to outline the continents in their general form, paint them, and then go back and detail the shape and add in islands.

I searched the web for many pictures of world maps to use as reference. Learn from my mistake, look really closely at Greenland and Canada. I didn’t realize at first that I was using a map that was essentially a flat view of a globe, thus the top of Russia, Canada, and Greenland were “smushed” since a globe is curved. Thus when it was “flattened” the land in the top and bottom are smaller. I finally noticed this when I was painting in Greenland.

After another search I found a much more accurate map and had to redo the top of my map. Try not to do this, because I couldn’t find a paint color that matched the cork board, so now you can see where I had to paint over the black and correct my shapes and islands.

Once it was all painted I used my trusty Pinterest account to create a list of all the places that I had marked as places I wanted to visit and see. Then it was time to put a pin in them on my map. From a scale point of view, one pin could be bigger than a country on this map, I decided to put the name of the sights or countries in the “water” areas. There are a lot of places I want to visit and I wanted to make sure I had them labeled without overlapping if there was a place near by.

New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, and Mexico had the most pins. I might just have to start looking into planning a trip to them. Pinterest hasn’t been helping, because now it keeps giving me suggested “you might like” and “picked for you” posts in my feed. They all look soooo pretty and fun. What a world we live in, getting peer pressure from an app.


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