New Saws For the New Year

Time… It is a funny thing. Time seems to get away from me a lot. With the new year came new saws, but also new or at least more activities. Working out, snowboarding, the Super Bowl being in Minnesota, etc. All taking up time and getting me out of my apartment. Now these aren’t New Year’s resolutions, I’m just finally over being sick and my lungs can finally handle the cardio and it isn’t every year the Super Bowl comes to visit your state. But now that I finally have a schedule down, I can get back painting. Well, figuring out what to paint.

Seven new saws. At least one will depict ruffed grouse, someone asked if I had ever painted one before which I hadn’t so why not. The others, who knows. I have normally just painted a lot of backgrounds at one time and then figured out which animals later. This time I don’t really have any inspiration or idea of what I wanted them to be. It might be why I hadn’t gotten back to doing this for a while.


I cut out some paper shapes of the saws I had and have been slowly sketching out designs. The large snow storm we had a few weeks back did influence a few snowy, winter themed designs, the rest were just what I figured out once I knew the animals.

This was inspired by a lake near my place that I drove by and saw geese flying into and from a section of the lake that had yet to freeze over.

Ice fishing!!! A Minnesota past time.

Grouse!!! After much research.

Turkey since I only have one other saw with them. (Kind of hard to see, sorry)

Duck hunting, again, since I only have one other.

Wandering deer, but I don’t have a picture, or at least I can’t find it.

…And my last one, I still have no idea. I will figure it out though!!! Have no worries.

Sorry that they are hard to see, pencil doesn’t show up very will in pictures unless I pushed hard. Which I didn’t do on all of these since I was just sketching.


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