Mountain Deer

Well, at least I am consistent about not being consistent on posting on here! I got side tracked with more trip planning and the usual winter cold. The plane tickets, cars, and hotels are booked and I will post about my trip after I come back and tell you all about it. But with all of that planning and booking done I have finally gotten back to these saws I had half completed.

I have seven saws left. Four that had backgrounds done, one with half the background done, one that was blank with a designed plan, and one that was blank with no plan. I will start with the most completed and work towards the blank. The first up was an oldie but goodie, classic, go to, and easiest animal for me. Deer!

As it was winter when I started it, I was channeling winter backgrounds for three of the saws I had drawn out. Deer out foraging on a snow covered hill with snow covered mountains in the background.

Amazingly the background did not take too long, if you don’t count the time in between letting the layers of white dry so that it wasn’t transparent to the grey saw blade underneath. Some green trees added everywhere, on the hill and on the mountains, to give some depth. Just need some white to create snow cover on the pines and the background was complete.

Deer, Deer everywhere. I had three deer planned (see above) with a larger tree in the foreground. Things change though. I completed my planned deer and then as I do, set it across the room and looked at it. More deer? Big tree? Leave it empty? In the end I discussed it with my sister who was over and decided on a few more smaller deer in the back moving around would look best.

Tre comple!


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