Meleagris gallopavo

Well hunting season is upon us, as it is every fall, and that is how I started with all these saw blades in the first place. Now I am down to my last two. At least for a while or until I get bored or I’m trapped inside because there is a snow storm. Then I will probably start up again. There always seems to be an endless supply of them at my disposal. Why couldn’t I have endless supply of rubies at my disposal?

Since these last two saws are about 9-10 inches in diameter they are some of the bigger saws I have. Thus you can see the whole thing very well, gonna need a lot of detail for them.

First up, a Meleagris gallopavo, a wild turkey. The next turkey saw blade this big I do I am going to do a flock of turkeys. Someone remind me.

Backgrounds first.   TurkeyWoods

I tried to not paint the background where I was going to put the turkey because I didn’t want the texture to mess up the look of the turkey. I noticed this sometimes happened with deer, but that is because they are a little smoother in body, fur, blending. The turkey feathers can hide some of that if I paint over the upraised paint from the background. Trying to avoid it though. Someone also remind me for the flock saw to make it in a cornfield background. The turkeys I have done so far are always at the edge of woods or tall grass.

Turkey next and last.




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