Martha’s Vineyard

Day 3: Martha’s Vineyard

From my research I read a lot of great reviews about Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham. We were going to be there two nights, one to travel to Martha’s Vineyard and the next up the Cape Cod peninsula, so this place worked out PERFECTLY because it was right in the middle.

We took the fairy out of Woods Hole, parking was interesting, so leave plenty of time to find a place before your boat. We had plenty of time since we were going to get lunch. I would have loved to eat at Shuckers from Diners Drive Ins and Dives, but it was 2 days past season so it was closed. HOWEVER, Captian Kidd is just down the road and was great!!! Beautiful nautical, boating décor and the food was fresh and delicious!

Once on Martha’s Vineyard, PLAN ACCORDINGLY. KNOWLEDGE TIP: They run on bus schedules and that will determine how long you can stay at each town and how long you will end up being on the island. There are plenty of ways to travel on the island and we decided to leave the car on the main land and just get bus passes. It was the cheapest, but not the best. The buses were definitely the most interesting and frustrating time we had on our trip and we stayed past dark which we weren’t planning on doing because of the scheduling. By the end we had a lot of down time waiting. However, we got to see a lot and even though it was very cloudy the sunset was pretty. If it looked like this when it was cloudy, I can only imagine it on a clear night!!! Show up early (Menemsha Beach) so that you can get food from the wharf shops and take your food on the beach and have a picnic while you watch.




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