Night 7/Day 8: Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park

After leaving New Hampshire it was pretty much 5ish hours of just driving through Maine to get to Bar Harbor to the Bar Harbor Inn. Once we made it, it was dark and we just decided to eat at the hotel’s restaurant. Which I am SOOO glad we did. When we first got there we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Eat and then go back to the room and watch TV or eat and then try to walk around a little, however the decision was made for us once we sat down in the restaurant, The Reading Room. This is because they had live piano music and the man playing was from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, so he was AMAZING.

KNOWLEDGE TIP: If you would eat here, ask to sit in the bar section, there was a 45 minute wait for the restaurant seating and barely any for the bar. Surprising since they connect though open doors so you can see almost all of the restaurant from the bar seating. Ture you didn’t get the more lavish dining table and experience, but you could order from the restaurant menu and there was no wait.

Anyways, we sat down, ate our lobsters, and then just had drinks and listened to the live music. When we first sat down and were looking over the menu, no one seemed to be getting up and requesting music or tipping him. Once we ordered I went up, asked for a song and tipped him, and for the rest of our meal since we were so close to him he played mostly music we suggested. It was a good meal and seemed like music picked just for us. Obviously other people tipped him and suggested songs, but we chatted with him and he seemed happy with our selections that he kept playing our songs. It was just a relaxing night and seemed to hit the right feel for everyone. Stay open for things just happening and don’t have EVERYTHING planned to a T. It’s a vacation after all.

So Day 8. The reason I picked Bar Harbor Inn in Bar Harbor was that it was right along the water, so when we got our breakfast we could sit outside and watch the sunrise and the ships come in. Never knew there was so much fog. Hearing the fog horns and seeing the cruise ships emerge out of the fog was great. Then the fog rolled in more and blanketed everything.


Then we headed up to Arcadia National Park and did some more sight seeing. With the fog we saw in the morning, wait til 10 to go. KNOWLEDGE TIP: The fog inland on the trees and along the coast both lifted magically and quickly, as if it was never there, around 10 am. So get there right around 10, no fog and the early side of the large amounts of people that come in the afternoon. Parking gets interesting. With that said, if you are okay with walking, they have a trail right along the road and then stairs that lead out to the rocks that you can go on. You can follow the trail and just go down each of these, or once you get down to the rocks just climb along them and get some different pictures. Once done find a path heading back up to the trail. But then you have to walk back to your car, but at least there is the trail, so you are safe.



Then we headed down the coast to Portland, Maine. Just a pit stop. Not really for activities.


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