Magical Elixirs

This one has been a long time coming. An APOTHECARY!!!!

I have been collecting small, brown tinted, glass bottles for a while. Not really meaning to at first, but once I had a few I figured out what I wanted to do with them. These can come from a variety of sources; vanilla or other extracts for cooking, liquid ointments for the body, or oils for hair treatments. I like glass so I chose these, but I did see some sites online that used old plastic vitamin bottles for their bottles and jars. These are mine.


My next project will be to print and apply Halloween themed medicine and potion labels to these. (You can buy black, glass jars like these with labels already on them at Target). Also filling the glass decanters I bought at the thrift store with bright red and green liquids. Mad scientist style. For now I am just going to make an Apothecary sign to put above the mock apothecary store (my desk). We will see if that all works out together like I picture it in my head.

With distressing on the mind, I painted the canvas to look like old wood. I wish I had a longer, narrower canvas for the look I wanted, but I’m going with free projects lately. I just grabbed one of the medium canvases I had on hand.


I look at Microsoft Word to determine a lot of my fonts for projects. In this case old world script, however, a lot of them were to curvy and techy looking to be what I was going for. I did find three that kind of appealed to me for this project.

I did a little googling to look at apothecary signs and most had “Apothecary” somewhere, so and so & sons (like you see in most family owned businesses), date established, curly designs, words like toxins, powders, elixirs, potions, etc., and some had images. After writing “Apothecary,” I knew I wanted little bottles, similar to the glass bottles that I have, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of it. What would I put as a date established, birth year? Today’s year? Should I put my last name? It sounds better with “& sons,” but that felt weird to add that since I don’t have any children to pass this fake business on to. Curly designs… meh. I like Tonics and Elixirs though. Reminded me of the song from Sweeny Todd about the hair growth elixir; “Magical elixir, does it in a pinch sir,” something like that. Tonics & Elixirs it is!



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