Locked In

Before this saw I had never really painted clouds before. I had painted a mix of colors swirling to make the look of a sky, because a sky isn’t just a solid color, but has distinctive clouds. A few tutorials later and I feel like I got the hang of it. These turned out better than I could have hoped for being my first try.

Similarly, grass has always been a questionable topic for me. Not in life, in painting, just so we are clear.  My first few nature scenes the grass was just solid green. Up close you can see individual blades of grass, but in a huge field you cant see that much detail, at least that’s what I thought. As I have painted more and more grassy fields, where most animals like to hangout, like seriously find a new place to stand already, I tried to put more and more texture into what the grass looked like. After this saw, I have been thinking of my first circular saw and I definitely want another shot at doing more textured detail for the whole saw. I should get ahold of him and see if I can do that. I know so much more now. Practice really does work people!!!!

The plan is as follows:

Bucks with their antlers locked. It took a while to figure out what to paint here. I knew I wanted deer and a position that was different than other ones I had painted. Thus landing on locked bucks. A lot of the images online are of what happens when the bucks don’t get unlocked… and die. Yep!!! A bodiless deer head doesn’t reeeeally help me here. I finally found a relatively good image from a meme on Facebook to use as reference.

I am also going to add some birch trees or some wildflowers on the right and left ends of the saw. It looks a little plain only having the bucks in the middle. I would add rabbits or some small animal, but I would figure they would run away when bucks start fighting. One would assume.


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