Let’s Give Them the Bird

Maybe it’s the spring time, spring cleaning, or just my restlessness, but lately I have been thinking about all of my unfinished projects. I had a list of all the ones I had started, wanted, and needed to complete. These included my headboard, keys project, saw blades (I had 6 painted and 5 that were just sitting there blank), create something to hang pots on my porch, and a painting that was requested from a friend. From previous posts I hope you can see that I have gotten further to completing my headboard and keys project. The headboard is built, but needs to be tufted. The keys are waiting for my hardware I ordered to arrive. I have tied some rope baskets for my pots, but I don’t think they it is “out door” rope that will withstand the weather, so I might have to redo those. Finally, I haven’t made any more progress with my friends painting, I’m sorry D. BUT I can start finishing the remaining saw blades. My dad is also bringing me a few more so I really should finish the ones I have blank now before I get more and it seems like I am even further behind on them.

I have a few 6”, 8”, and 11” diameter blades to fill. I tend to do birds on the smaller ones and deer or four legged animals on the larger ones. Birds tend to have less complicated backgrounds and are also smaller animals, so they just seem best for the smaller blades. Unless I do more than one bird per blade.

Now… my debate is what animals should I paint. I sold my previous goose and duck blades so I definitely want to make new blades depicting them. Also an eagle. I know painted sawblades are normally hunting themed and eagles don’t count as that, but neither do the blue jays or cardinals that I have painted either. I guess I just like having a wide variety. Which is why I am not sure what to paint on my two largest saw blades. I have a blue jay, cardinal, eagle, duck, goose, and pheasant but not any turkeys. So that is a possibility. I have two deer saws already. Do I want more deer since it is the most popular or do I want to do fish, bear, moose, elk, etc?

I will start with what I know I want to do.
Lets give them the bird… well birds.

SpringBlueJay SpringBlueJay4

 Eagle1 Eagle4

Goose Goose1


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