Land of 10,000 Lakes and a Carp Ton of Fish

The name of this post is kind of a joke to me (not just the Carp verse Crap switch I did there). I was once watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno  and it was where they interviewed people with common sense or factual questions to see what people would say. If they could get it right.  It was so funny, but also sad to watch. Anyways, one of the questions once was “Minnesota is the land of 10,000 what?” People said a lot of random things including “10.000 people.” Like really?  Well the answer is 10,000 lakes.

I have a confession to make. I don’t really fish in MN. I go salmon fishing, but in Wisconsin. I used to go fishing in state with my family when I was younger, but as things go when you get older you get involved with other things and things change. Can you see where this is going? What this saw will be about?


Just kidding. Fishing of course. Though you can use a bow and arrow in fishing, which baffles and amazes me. I can’t see fish in the water like that to be able to shoot at them. If that is even how you do it. I can’t even keep track of where my golf ball goes after I hit it. I lose it in the sky every time. There should be GPS on those things. But I digress.

This handsaws inspiration…

I know this is more of a tropical, which the picture probably is, but the brighter blue with be a good contrast to the colors of the fish. Lets get lost on an island people. Or at least a peninsula sticking out into a lake.

As you can see I have a few fish sketched in. There are a lot of fish in all those lakes. Some are more common in rivers instead of lake, salt verse fresh water, mouths of where rivers meet lakes or out in the open water. Some googling and asking people I know who fish had to be done to determine which ones I was going to have portrayed. In the end I have walleye, black crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, and minnows. (Below and in the heading picture)

Some underwater filler of seaweed, logs, rocks, and air bubbles to finish it off.

Now I’m in the mood to go fishing. Revisit some lakes from my childhood memories.

Gone Fishing. Be back soon.



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