Imperial March

Now, what is the opposite of Disney?

Star Wars!!

Now this is something I can easily figure out what should be black (Darth Vadar), red (Darth Maul), and grey/white (Storm Trooper). I have never rooted for the villains in this movie, just always admired their color palette, the typical colors of the “bad guys.” Also I really liked all the outfits Queen Amidala wore, those were out there and awesome. Even her casual outfits were well designed. Love me some Star Wars!!! You should know this already, I made a Death Star out of a globe and own a Chewbacca coat.

They really turned out great! Love them!!

A little black, red, and white on each to tie them together. Three Disney, three lips, three Star Wars. What other trios do I like? Something to ponder.

I know that black canvases don’t completely balance out the six white canvases, but I was more going by theme than background color. Maybe I will put three more black canvases on the left and three white on the right to make it all balanced thru imbalance.


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