I Wasn’t Sure I Got It

Let me tell you a story of the last deer my father got last year. In our area the bucks have to have at least 4 points on one side to be legal. Keep that in mind.

It’s Thanksgiving week and the last day out hunting for my father and I. Just us two and it’s an hour before dark. We had been seeing these groups of deer coming out of the woods in the morning, eat some corn, and then head back into the woods. We could see them from our spots in the neighboring woods, but couldn’t do anything because the woods they came out of has no trespassing signs. We see them a few more mornings, so we decide to come back later in the day and set up close for when they come back out to eat before dark. For a visual, there are the woods we hunt in, down sloping cornfield, grassy waterway, up sloping cornfield, and then the no trespassing woods. My dad sets up post in the waterway behind a tree and I go up the cornfield and post at the corner of our woods. There is a huge barbwire fence so I am not in the trees and thus not very concealed. We wait, it’s been 30 minutes or so and we start seeing two sets of 3 deer come out of the woods. One set has come out close to the spot we had been seeing and where we are set up at. Now for the waiting game. We wait and hope that they come out far enough for us to get a shot. More waiting. My dad and I are texting about a game plan and then MY PHONE DIES. It is very cold out so I’m not all that surprised, but seriously horrible timing. So what do I do, I’m not sure if my dad is waiting for me, or I am to wait for him. The deer move in closer and one deer, a 6 point buck breaks off from the other two and heads into the waterway. Walks 30 ft in front of my dad, but dad lets him go because not enough points. Two does left. With me texting earlier the remaining deer have seen me moving. They are on alert. It’s getting closer to dusk. I decide to go for it. I take a shot and just go over the closest deer, but it gets scared and runs right towards my dad. “Hey, the buck got thru there safe, why not me?” (I’m assuming that is what the deer was thinking.) Dad takes a shot. I shoot at the other deer and hope to hit it or have it run towards my dad too. No luck and it gets away. I start walking towards the shot deer and my dad starts coming out of the waterway. He said it came running by him pretty close, so he thought he shot it, but it kept running so he was worried. I was like WHAT? From my point on the hill I saw the deer get shot and a chunk come flying out the other side. My response was like, positive you got it dad!!! Roll the deer over and what do we see? A fist sized hole in the other side of the deer’s chest and fur and lung chunks on the ground. Nice shooting dad!

This next saw has a little inspiration from that event last hunting season.

As you can see, its a down sloped dirt/muddy/after harvest field with a buck coming through before the two does in the background that are still feeding. But this buck has enough points and is eligible for hunting season!!

Still needed some touch ups, but mostly got the shading and fur coloring done. Painting in the sticks and foreground field items and the does as the final touches.

Simple and realistic.


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