I Forgot How Much Work Weeding Was

I was a good daughter and helped weed the flower beds and garden as I was home visiting this summer. Gotha get those brownie points where I can! Have to edge out my sisters for favorite! Anyways, it made we really like my small little potted deck garden. Only a few weeds here and there when bird seed falls into the pots.

I have loved my plants this year, not just because they actually lived (which, GO ME), but also because of the colors, vines, and pots I picked. Most of the glass bowls I had from doing a rubber ducky baby shower for my sister, but I also collected a few more items during my lookies at thrift stores. That would be a porcelain pitcher and two decorative tea cups. I am always on the lookout for porcelain pitchers… and a claw foot tub. Keep an eye out for me and let me know if you see any!!!!

Now there are always dishes at these stores, but I always feel bad breaking up plate and cup sets, so I try to go for the loners. Also I go for the older, decorative handled cups, which normally have little flower patterns on the cups, not that really interests me. If you go to the thrift stores you will see what I mean. And most are just a few cents a cup. Very cheap but very pretty. Perfect for succulent plants, which you should know are my fav! (Kinda wanting to collect a complete tea set now.) I also got the glass jars from thrift stores, they had plenty!

Well the plants and flowers were bought and planted, let’s see how it turned out!


IMG_3096 Pitcher IMG_3099

IMG_3472 IMG_3476 IMG_3478

I was recently at a house party out in the country and OMG the yard was tricked out in planters! Instead of in the ground planting they had them in wheel barrels, suitcase trunks, milk jobs, hollowed out logs, metal chairs, water basins, and so many more things!!! They got them from antiquing and flea markets. Makes me kind of want to start going to those more. I always want to but there are too many close to me. Might have to start making those trips.


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