How Many Colors Does it Take?

Now it took me a long, long time to finish these saws. As you could see from my 5 month hiatus from my blog posts. I got the backgrounds painted and then just could not get around to painting the animals. Maybe it was because there were a lot of animals or busy background, but they sat half finished for months. So for this round of saws I am going with a three part plan.

1. Paint a variety of backgrounds
2. Figure out the animals and placements
3. Paint the animals

Part one is as follows:

It took about a week, but I have winter, fall, spring, water, land, forest, cornfield, and open grassy land. I think it is a good mix for now. I still have two more handsaws to go. Just need to figure out the scenes.

I did make one mistake I didn’t realize at the time. I didn’t look at the handles! I was not aware that there was a “correct” side of the saw, or at least that the left side of the¬†handle normally has the decorative, carved wood with medallions on it.

I pretty much laid the saws every other way¬†without glancing at the handles. Once I had painted four of them I noticed the handles. A few of the saws don’t have carvings so I never felt the carvings. The last few I worked on had the elaborate handles and got my attention. Luckily I was able to flip the last ones that were unpainted to have the decorative side up, but three were already painted and couldn’t be fixed unfortunately. This still bothers me. I wish I would have noticed it sooner!


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