Hook, Line, and… Ice Auger

Those are what you need to go ice fishing. As well as a coat, gloves, snow boots, warm pants, a bucket, and probably many more things. To be honest I have never gone ice fishing, I have wanted to, but just haven’t gone. Many of my friends as well as some family members have gone so I have seen the pictures. Mostly from inside ice houses where the holes to fish are located where the “living room floor” would be. However, you don’t need an ice house to ice fish! This is what I wanted to show in my first attempt at an ice fishing saw. I have painted two other fish saws, so the fish part won’t be hard, the ICE fishing part is going to be a trial an error for me.

Here is my rough draft drawing of what I had planned.

I don’t have much of a “background” image to show you like I normally do, since that was literally me painting it all white. I am going with something a little different this time since I am trying to depict fish under a layer of ice. It can’t be too see through since no one would go out to fish if the ice was that thin. Correction, I would HOPE no one would go out onto the ice if it was so thin that you could see through it. Fish had to be painted with light colors as if dulled from being under the ice compared to the fish caught on top of the ice. After painting the two fish, I painted a layer of white over the whole saw again.

This is what I am going to use as the under ice fish. I don’t need this, but wanted and needed something on the rest of the saw other than just the section showing fish being pulled up by the fisherman. If it doesn’t look right I guess I could always use more white to paint over it. If only all errors in life could bee fixed like this. Haha. Right?!

Next up was the brighter, above the ice fish. The head of the fish being pulled out, a pile of already caught fish, along with a bucket, ice auger, fishing pole, and of course the fisherman. Fish look like fish, I went with Northern Pike and Walleye so they were easy to blend and paint. The remaining items would need to be googled to figure out colors.

What does someone wear when ice fishing? Wearing camo isn’t the normal, though you could wear your warm hunting camo. Depicting the ice as thin as I did on the left side, that would imply warmer weather, so sweater and water proof overalls seem correct. Bass Pro Shop website showed these bright red overalls that I had seen being worn in some of my friends photos, thus going with those. Since I am painting an outside, simple fishing scene instead of an ice house, the rest of what I need is a bucket, hand crank ice auger, and fishing pole. Apparently this is the “classic” look where an icehouse would be like the “glamping” (glamorous camping) of fishing. Googling ensued and the saw became complete.


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