I love cilantro in my salsa, chives on my potatoes and mint in my Mojitos! With this, I wanted to grow herbs on my porch this year! Now I’m not going to be canning veggies or making huge meals for my non-existing family so I just needed small plants! When I got the medium and large potting plants I also got small ones (6.5 diameter), perfect for my little porch. Also I checked at a local grocery store that sells baby herb plants and the size fit perfect with the pots!

Now I’m not an expert. I can tell them apart and such since my parents have two huge gardens and I grew up eating fresh veggies and fruit. They really spoiled me. Canned, frozen, and grocery veggies don’t do justice to walking into the garden picking some onions, tomatoes, and peppers and making salsa within the hour. Can you get any more fresh?

Anyways… just in case, to make sure I can tell my herbs apart I decided to paint the pots!


I had more pots than I needed so like I said before, time to purge!

newphone pics 360  newphone pics 361  newphone pics 363

They have come in handy with all the recipes I have tried and will be handy in all the ones I want to try this Fall!



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