Green Acres, It’s the Place to Be…

…If you want to go turkey hunting. At least in this case.

I am not sure why I picked this one next. Turkeys are time consuming. Of the completed backgrounds, in order of less to most difficult (animal wise), it should have gone deer, geese, ducks, then turkeys. I skipped the ducks for whatever reason and now I got to stick with what I picked. Gobble gobble. Now that I think about it I also skipped the other winter one. It would have made sense to do all the winter ones then all the rest of the bird ones. I really threw out logical thinking when picking turkeys.

I really, really liked this background. It was based on an image I saw googling animals in the wild. I wanted it to look as realistic and detailed as I could. Considering the plain white snow covered landscapes of the last too, maybe I just needed to do the complete opposite of what I was doing. Maybe I was ready for spring. I think we are all ready for spring. Green everywhere, flowers and vines emerging, and lush woods. That was the aim at least.

Many hours later….

I spend a good amount of time looking into what species of wildlife are known for living in Minnesota. By no means am I against the others in all the other states, just this what I know the best. With that said, when MN was trying to replenish our wild turkey populations, we exchanged animals with other states to accomplish this. It took many years and some failed attempts, but eventually the Eastern wild turkey was able to withstand our winters, survive, and reproduce. Eastern wild turkeys here I come.

Multiple paint mixtures, a tiny paint brush, and magically disappearing amounts of time later…

For a final finish of,


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