Goose Pit

I try not to paint people in anything because I am not good at making faces have that 3-deminsional look they are supposed to have. With that said, this saw is going to have people in it. My inspiration first was from one of my Facebook friends from back home that lead goose pit hunts. If that is what they are called, I guess I don’t know the title. Anyways it started with one of her pictures, then that there are pits in the field across from my parent’s house, and finally my dad went and did the “goose pit experience.” From his pictures I decided to paint a goose pit hunting POV. But I couldn’t get a good angle from in the pit that I liked so I did it right outside a pit.


Picture curtesy my father, through R & B Waterfowl Guide Service.

I have seen these pits and fake geese spread over a field as I have gone walking for deer hunting, so I am not unfamiliar with the set up. But there is a lot more that goes into the set up than I thought. How many geese, direction they should be facing standing verse laying down, the open area for “the birds to land” in front of the pits, how the pit doors open, etc, etc. I think my dad got a little sick of all my questions. That is what you do though when you are dealing with a topic that is not your expertise. You ask questions. I don’t want to paint this whole thing than find out the birds, which are a big part of the design, are facing the wrong way. Something that simple could ruin it for anyone who is an avid hunter or has hunted via pits before. I say via pits because I have seen someone out by their garage smoking a goose whip out his gun and shoot at a flock of geese flying over. Then simply walk into his yard and pick up his new catch. Another bird to smoke, sometimes it is just that simple. And funny.

The background is pretty easy. Snowy ground and blue skies. So the first real thing I did was sketch in where the pits and decoy geese were going to be. I would deal with the other end of the saw blade later.

Once I got the, “that looks correct,” from my friends I started painting them in. Since they are decoys this was pretty easy to do. They don’t need to look that realistic. No detailed feathers or making sure they have feet. Some black, grey, and white and some blending and they geese went pretty fast. The people and their guns took the most time.

Luckily for me hunting clothing and shooting positions can cover a lot of one’s face. Thus I don’t have to do as much face painting that I hate for this one. I might not be so lucky in the future. After that it was time for filler background. Some trees in the background, some corn stalks that didn’t get covered by the snow, the goose that just got shot, etc. Then DONE.


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