Getting My Ducks in a Row

These last two saws (grouse and this one) have taken longer than they should have. Maybe I got rusty during the long breaks between paintings or maybe it’s the topic I’m painting. I wasn’t familiar with grouse and dogs are not something I paint too often. Still, they took longer than I thought they would and I don’t like it. This could be the reason why I take so long to complete saws these days. I do have other things on my mind or to do, but sitting down to paint when it doesn’t flow well, turn out as I expect, or takes longer than I want makes it so that I am not in the mood to do more saws that could potentially have the same problems.

The dog carrying a duck on this saw gave me a headache. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Design was pretty straight forward. Hunting dog collecting a duck that was shot and bringing it back to the shore to add to the pile. The background took a lot of time on its own, though it is not a big saw or crazy scene, it was a lot of blades of grass to paint individually.

Turned out okay I think. Nothing too crazy. Between this saw and the open water pond with the geese I just did, I have decided I need to work on some of my depth perspectives. It was hard to know how tall the background reeds should be. Now that it is spring here I might go out on walks and bike rides to take in the open air as well as take pictures of scenery that I could paint. If it is from somewhere I have seen it could help me judge the distances better. Hopefully. Will only know if I try. Time for the final step…

That dog!! I think I am better at painting shades of dark colors much better than light colors. It could be a life thing. Most colors in my life are darker or just straight black; wardrobe, paintings, decorations, car, etc. Maybe I am just used to seeing those and it bleeds into my art. Anyway I see it there are some things I need to work on and I will definitely try to. This saw turned out well all the same. I do like it. Just I know the challenges and frustrations I had while painting it. You just see the steps in the process.


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