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Now that I had my herb pots I needed somewhere to put them. I have all of these potting pots but nothing in them. Time to work on my porch! I had already bought two blue lawn chairs and had a treated tree stump from my parents to function as a “end table” to put in between the chairs. All summer I have been keeping an eye out for a rectangular, metal garden bench to put along the railing of my porch. But no luck and now I had things I wanted to put out there. I don’t know where, but my mom ended up buying a large, metal… what I think is supposed to be a decorative medallion and gave it to me to use instead. I just needed to build a base.

I was not unfamiliar with power tools and wood work. A while back I couldn’t find accent tables I liked and end tables were too big for the space, so I built two. So back to the wood shop I went.

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Since the table I was making was a wood base and a metal top I needed to figure out what color I was going to paint it all. Ideally I would have liked an all metal table and that it would have been rectangular. However, since that was not an option I had a choice to make. I had sky blue chairs and light browns and white from the tree stump, I wanted to go with cool tones. Not my go to black. I landed on a medium grey that was a primer and paint in one and worked on wood and metal.

Painted them both up, attached them, and there you go.

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I am more of a succulent than perennial type person. I like the structural design and color of them. (This is also one of the reasons why I really like geology!!) Plus they are low maintenance which is always a plus if you aren’t home to water daily. I took my glass bowl finds from a few projects back and filled them up.

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Succulents should be potted in a fast-draining mixture that’s designed for cacti and succulents. If you don’t buy the specialized mix, you can modify a normal potting mix with sand or small rocks to help with aeration and drainage. These plants generally have shallow roots that form a dense mat just under the soil surface. I planted one grouping in a pot that had a hole for drainage and one that did not. For the pot with drainage I pot a coffee filter at the bottom to prevent soil or rocks from falling out with the water. For the pot (glass bowl) you can drill a hole in the bottom (there are special ones for going through glass) for drainage, but I just left mine with no hole. A mini experiment to see if the hole is really necessary. If you do as I did most of what I read have said to put charcoal towards the bottom of the soil mixture to left absorb and “rotting” smell that may come from the water not leaving.

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With the scrape wood I have some ideas I have seen in magazines that I would like to try to make that would be cute decorative items to also go on these tables. But that is for another time.

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