Foreground Shmorground

Well after making my map I have been looking into all sorts of places to visit. I now have 6 vacations halfway planned. If I am going to get around to going on any of them I am going to need to make some extra money to squirrel away. Better get back to painting.

Sometimes I wish that I could just paint the background of saws and then not add any animals. I have had this feeling many times before, sometimes about backgrounds, sometimes about drawings. I get the drawings just as I want them and worry that if I start painting it I might ruin it or not love it as much anymore. Which has happened, but mostly doesn’t. I worry a lot for nothing.

I finally started on the other two handsaws from my taxidermist. I keep referring to him as this. As if he is mine. Like I have another one?! Does a girl need more than one? Anywho, one was for a bear and the other for pheasants, which I heard as geese, but said as ducks. If that makes since. I was confused for awhile as well. I did this background thinking about geese and then one day from the back of my mind the thought popped up of did he really say geese? When I double checked, he did indeed say pheasants not geese, but he also liked ducks. Somehow I again only heard geese. I think my mind needed a break.

After that animal mix up, which in my defense at least they were all birds, I ended up with a bear coming to a creek on a hazy morning/night and geese flying over a lake towards land where there was a barn and ducks near the shore.


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