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Well there is no internet today, so I am using the two programs that don’t need it, ITunes and Microsoft Word. A life without WiFi is a bitch I tell you. I had high hopes of getting a lot done today, most of which needed internet, but my laptop had other ideas. Maybe it knew I was behind on writing posts and this was how it was suggesting that I get to it. I do need to write them, but I don’t like the not so subtle push it has given me. What a hoe bag.

The push was accepted and I am now falling over the cliff, might as well get to it….

Saw blades. AGAIN!

Sorry for yet another saw blades post, you must be getting as sick of them as I am. And I am very sick of them. That is why this summer my goal was to finish the ones I had and then box them up and forget about them. SOOOOO close to my goal. There are only 7 blades in my way, luckily 5 of them are small so they wouldn’t take too much time. I have done many animals so far and couldn’t decide what to put on the small ones. It’s hard to put that much detail into feathers and fur in such a small space. My decision… not to do animals at all, do barns. Growing up in the country I was always surrounded by large farms, windmills, silos, barns, grain bins, crops, etc. All those things you imagine when you think of country life.

I decided on this because a time ago my grandparents had to move from their farm into town, not because they wanted to necessarily, but because it would be easier on them. They loved their farm and would still go out and visit. I thought of drawing a realistic scene of their farm for their place in town so that they could still feel that it was a part of them. So for each of these sawblades I picked a different look, with slightly different barns and farm components. With the hope that whoever ended up with them would see something in them that reminded them of their farm or their parents farm and would hopefully make them feel connected to it.

Barn1 Barn

BarnWinter1 BarnGravel

I am not sure I like this last one. I was trying to do more texture and I think there is now TOO MUCH texture. When I look at it I still kind of want to wipe it clean and start all over.


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